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Christian Banner Swaps MBE
Okay, a quick run down of their features (I've signed up for all these banner exchange programs, so I am getting kind of restless :) Cool Feature #1 (and only 1): All banners have an equal chance of being displayed on another website. There is no weighting. All banner submissions will go through an approval process before activation. The activation period is typically within 72 hours. You get 1000 FREE Credits when you sign up. Banner must be 400x40 pixels. Ratio 1:1

Christian Banner Exchange CBX
The Largest and Oldest Christian Banner Program on the Internet is their claim to fame. If you do not know too much about uploading of files, then you might become confused. You need to upload your banner from your hard-drive to their server. Must have a banner either 400x40 or 400x60 pixels. Cool thing is that they provide daily statistics of click-throughs from your site, as well as total click-through hits From other pages. Another cool feature is that allow you to select the type of ads you want on your page. Lastly, if you don't have a banner, they've got some guys who will make one for FREE for you. New sign ups receive 1000 credits at startup. (Gospel Banner Exchange)
Yet another simple and very quick form to fill out, which I like. As I say, K.I.S.S. Banners must be 400x40 pixels. No uploading your banner to their server. Your banner will be uploaded from your server. As a new member, you will receive 500 bonus credits. Downside to this program is that you have to wait 24 hours before you can receive your code. Click ratio is 3:2


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