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FCI - Free Christian Images
WOW, a whole plethora (I like using this word) of images. No cheesy Christian Clip-art here. Rather, you'll find a whole slew of fantastic looking images. What's cool is that this site provides the dimensions of the images as well as the bit size. Some of the images even include a scripture verse that goes with the image. You won't find buttons or dividers here. Mostly poster-like graphics.

All images are created by Christopher Whyte and are free to use. All his images are animated. I'm sure you will find at least one image here that you will like. The site includes the size of each image (which can be helpful) as well as a colored background palette, which allows you to change the color of the background to see how the image will look. You can also create a banner FREE.
It's hard to find good quality Christian images on the web. Well, look no further. Although this site does not have a plethora of images, they are adding more each month. Some of the images you will find are: Angels, Bibles, Biblical Scences, Crosses, Doves, Fish, Horizontal Bars or Dividers. Definitely worth a peek!


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