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Don't know how to make a banner? Well this is the place for you! At you can create a 468x60 web banner with their easy to use free banner creator. You can also create 88x31 size icons/buttons. Just choose a banner or icon you like and type in the words you want and wha-la, your very own web banner or icon. A great selection of web banners to choose from! Highly recommend!
What a great service!!! If you don't know how to make animated banners, they make one for you. Choose from a variety of ANIMATED banners. You tell them what you want on it and BAM, within 2 days, they send you a link on where to pick it up. It love it!

Crimperman's Christian Freebies

Definitely a site you want to go to!

Excellent Christian Desktop Themes (8) that you will want to download for your desktop. Make sure you have Microsoft Plus! or you can't apply them to your desktop.

This site also provides a Scripture Reminder Program: This is a little program will pop up and give you a scripture every time you start Windows. There are 100 scripture quotes supplied to start you off. Version 2.0 includes clipboard support, online editing and addition of scriptures and online windows help.
A very cool and VERY interactive online game for kids (or adults). Fun Bible Quiz questions that provide a score. It tells you when you got an answer correct and shows you when you messed up. A recommended site for kids 10 and under.

Another cool and FREE banner animation service. It's not a "Christian" website, but there I'm making an acception since I can't make animated banners. Worth a look!

Christian Startup and Shutdown screens. Tired of looking at Windows Cloudy Blue startup screen or Windows black shutdown "You may now turn off your computer" screen? Well start up and shutdown with the Lord on your mind.

CJ Specialties Word Search
Printable Christian word search puzzles. 12 categories to choose from. For example, New Testament Books to Women of the Bible. After all of the words are found the letters that are not used reveal a hidden scripture! The scripture is hidden in the puzzle (from TOP to BOTTOM) between the hidden words of the puzzle which you circle (or blot out) when found. Scripture references for each puzzle can be found here, but remember, if you look now you're missing all the fun!
Looking for Christian Desktop themes? Well look no further. This site has created 3 Christian Themes for your desktop. Title's include: Lion of Judah, Noah's Ark, and Psalm 23. Each desktop theme includes a screen saver, fonts and start/shutdown screens. - Bible Quotes
Want a Bible verse to start your day? This program will create a random bible quote when you start your computer and will stay on your screen for aproximitly 30 seconds and then completly self close until the next time you start your computer.


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