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The Best Christian Links TBCL
Quite an elaborate internet Christian postcard site. It appears that they have all the bells and whistles on this site. Here is a list, just to name a few: option to send your own music or image, change backgrounds & text, send in different languages, send postcard to up to 10 recipients at once. What I liked about it was they listed the US holidays for the month of February (just in case we forgot them). Very easy to use, navigation is simple and highly recommended!

Heartlight HeartCards
A decent selection of Christian Postcards mostly of real life pictures with scriptures on them. 10 categories to choose from. My most favorite category was the postcards from the Inspiration category. These are the type of cards you would find on a bumper sticker. A nice selection of Christian Midi songs. Definitely worth checking out.

Cartoons from Sidestream
You'll get a kick out of these cards. Basically they are like the Far Side (which they call the Flipside) cartoon, but with a Christian Humor. This site is very features insightful humor with scripture. Very well put together. The only negative is that they don't give you any options to change the background, text or add any midi files to your Internet Christian Postcard. Other than that, it's a site definitely worth checking out to brighten someones day!
A very cool site. Not the traditional, send me a Christian Internet Postcard... but a site that you can send a Christian Poem or Story to a friend. Categories include: Friends & Family, Inspirational, At Home With God. Simply find a story or poem that you think someone will enjoy and click on the "Send this poem to somone" button. That's it!

Christianity Inspirational Postcards
Christian Inspirational Postcards has probably the most beautiful selection of "Christian Postcards" that we have ever seen! This site is a "must see" and is highly recommended! The only negative thing is that the site takes a while to load. That's because they have all 44 thumb nail images on one page. Each postcard has a bible verse on it.

CJ Specialities Postcards
The best part about this site was their Scripture postcards. You could choose from Animal, Oceans, and beautiful scenery Scripture cards. Navigation could use a lot of improve. A nice selection of Christian midi songs you could choose from. 6 steps and boom, you're done!

Psalm Cards
Free, Inspirational, Postcards from the Book of Psalms. About 12 to Psalm Internet Postcards to choose from. You can also add music to the card as well. It would help if you could enlarge the thumbnail so you can read the verse.

ZeroBurn had 3 categories to choose from. Contemporary, Images with Scriptures, and Revelation Illustrated. The "Contemporary" Category selection of cards reminded me something from the 80's movie, "Time Bandits". I really did not care for these cards as they looked very "New Age-ish." The "Images with Scripture" Category again reminded me of places from the movie, "The Never Ending Story." As for the "Revelation Illustrated" category, I was hoping to find something that looked normal. Boy, was I wrong. The cool thing about their song selection was the fact that they are of comtemporary Christian Bands such as, Delirious, Third Day, Skillet, DC Talk, Avalon, Jars of Clay, and Audio Adrenaline. Other than that, I would not stop by and visit unless you are into this kind of stuff.


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