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Cross Daily Awesome
I really recommend this site. Their seach results were very relevant to my inquiry. They also list the rank of their results based on number of votes that the particular web site receives each day. Definitely one of the top Christian searches out there. A+

I enjoyed using this site because of it's concentration of being a Christian Search Engine. My Results of "Christian Stories" was very successful. They list their results by alphabetical order. So if you plan on submitting a site to them, you may want to consider titling your site starting with a Number or with the letter "A"
Goshen is actually part of or as they say, "another community site." Again I typed in "christian stories" and a list of websites popped up, 187 to be exact. Anyways, they list their results alphabetically. Good enough for 4 stars.
Hot new Christian Search Engine! Searches are very relevant. You can vote for a site that you enjoyed. Very easy to add your site to their search engine. Definitely worth going to!

Best of the Christian Web BOTW
Their seach engine is almost exactly the same as However, I did not like this one as much. The results of my query did not meet my search. They break down their search by category and then alphabetical order.

A clean, easy to use Christian Search Engine. All links are Christian pages. Easy to add your site, as well as modify it. Breaks down the searches by categories. Definitely worth a search or two...
A very refined search engine. Allows you to search by category, site names, site descriptions, keywords and URL's. When I searched for "Christian Poems or Stories" only 1 site popped up. I suppose not too many people have submitted their site to this search engine. Worth checking out...


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