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Christian Wallpapers for your Desktop

CJ Specialties Wallpaper
Free Christian wallpapers. Beautiful pictures of scenery, animals, and oceans, with scripture to place on your Desktop. Definitely worth checking out if you are tired of your old Desktop background.

T&P SC Christian Wallpapers
WOW!!! This is site is loaded with wallpapers. Not only do they supply Christian Wallpapers, but a variety of other wallpapers of different themes. The Christian wallpapers were created by various Christian artists. I personally liked the "Christian Wallpapers I" category. There is so much stuff here that I probably spent a good 40 minutes at this one site. You will definitely find something from here!

FCI - Free Christian Images
An interesting array of wallpapers. I actually chose a wallpaper to add to my desktop. Very colorful and expressive! This site also includes one Christian Screensaver ready for download with instructions.

JB Christian Art Gallery
Over 133 Christian Wallpapers to choose from. Site is very easy to navigate as wallpapers are Wallpapers are graphically rendered images concepted by Artist. A few are kind of strange looking, but most of them are pleasant. Each wallpaper contains a scripture. You can also send a wallpaper using their electronic postcard service.


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