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Christian Websites "C"  

Campus Journal - A daily devotion that you can reflect on throughout the day.

Catholic apologetics - an interesting web site that contains Catholic arguments and discussions.

Calvary Chapel - Calvary Chapel's homepage that contain other useful links.

Campus Crusade For Christ - ministry opportunities and messages by Dr. Bill Bright.

Christian Web Site of the Day - find your  Christian web site here yet? - topics include: Catholicism, JW, Judaism, Mormonism, New Age, etc.

Christian Apologetics - topics include: Cults, JW, Mormonism, Evolution, New Age, etc.

Christian Geology Ministry - Exegesis of the mechanics of Noah's flood, the great time gap between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2, the pre-adamite world, and related topics.

Christian Ministry Report - an Apologetics Index.  The index contains links to Christian, non-Christian and secular sites on Religions, New Religious Movements, Apologetics Ministries, Apologetics-Related Articles, Etc

Christian Movie Spotlight - a review on NEW MOVIE RELEASES based on a Christan Perspective.

Christianity.Net - a site to find top current Christian news & many other interesting things. - Hundreds of Thousands of churches! Tens of thousands of church schools, seminaries, and Christian colleges. Bookstores throughout the United States; Christian radio and TV listings and much more! Free classified ads! A calendar of events you can view and enter events in. Find pastors, missionaries and ministries!

Creaton Science Resource - the largest accumulation of Creation Science based internet resource available.

CRI - The Bible Answer Man's homage. Do you have a question?

Cross - an online Christian Resource Directory. Includes  an alphabetical list (at least 100) of websites on apologetics.

CS Lewis Homepage - the homepage of the famous Christian writer CS Lewis.


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