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Christian Websites "Q-Z"  
Reasons to Believe - 10 REASONS to believe in - the existence of God, The Bible, in a God who allows suffering, in life after death, in the Christian faith, etc.
Sports Spectrum - Features from the world of sports with an evangelistic impact. - a Valuable Christian portal that will help direct you on whatever you are looking for.
Topical Site - many topics to choose from - angels, "slain in the spirit" healing, tongues, end times, spiritual discernment, worship.  Too many to list, but tons to grab your attention!
Understand the Times - dedicated to evangelizing the lost and equipping the church for discernment. You can also listen to past archives on Real Audio.
Who is Jesus? - Lord, Liar or Lunatic; Reasons for Belief; His life and message cause change. Ever wonder the real claims that Jesus made? 
World Wide Study Bible - A breakdown of all the books of the Bible including the Apocrypha. 
4 Spiritual Laws - Would you like to know God personally?



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