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Leo's Homepage
Wow, this site has improved so much. Leo apparently has made some major modifications since I last visited it. What a great resource this site is! Song are in alphabetical order which helps when you want to find that song that you can't quite remember. Highly Recommend.
Know the title to that Christian song you are looking for? Well, then enter it into their database and boom, it should pop up with the lead sheet and guitar chords for the song. The key here is that you need to know the TITLE of the song.

Praise Songs
This site brings you to their FTP directory. A decent selection of worship songs with Guitar chords. Apparently when you visit this site, all transfers are logged with your host name and email address. If you don't like it, then they suggest you disconnect. I would visit this site after you have visited the other recommended sites above.

Vineyard Music
Are you trying to find the words to that Vineyard worship song?... well search their database and 10 to 1, you'll probably find it. The bummer to this site is that they do not provide the chords to the song. You can however, purchase the music from their site. Just chooose a category from their drop down menu and when the page pops up, there will be a search section that you can "enter lyric" or search by "entering song title" Remember, it's all Vineyard Artists and songs, so the song you are looking for is not by Vineyard, then it probably won't be here. This site is good if you just need the words to a song.


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